Naruto Chapter 457: The Meeting of Five Kages Begins

| Minggu, 26 Juli 2009
Sasuke still want to come the meeting of five kages. For his revenge to Danzo. Danzo who still in the trip to the land of iron get the secret message from Sai. Sasuke who try to break the security of Samurai still wait until five kages coming.
In the otherside, Raikage with Kumogakure’s ninjas meet the Samui’s squad. But the tracking of Naruto and other has known by Kumogakure’s ninjas. Naruto want to talk to Raikage. He want Raikage to stop his revenge for his brother to Sasuke Uchiha.
But Raikage decline that. He still want to kill Sasuke however Naruto did, include begging him. He said about ninja’s world. His opinion is the ninja’s world created by conflict and war. Every country has their strongest village to protecting them. Village who has the strongest technique of ninja will be the winner. And weak will be crushed. Naruto has failed to sure Raikage to stop his revenge to Sasuke.
Meanwhile, Sasuke with his Eagle Team succed to infiltrate in the meeting. Finally, he know Danzo’s face. The meeting has began. The meeting will be make a resolution of the ninja’s world.
How Sasuke do after he know who Danzo is?. What will Naruto do after he failed to stop Raikage’s revenge?. What resolution will make by the meeting?. All question will be answered in Naruto Chapter 458 soon.

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