Naruto Chapter 474: Hokage's Resolution

| Jumat, 11 Desember 2009
Naruto Chapter 474: Hokage's Resolution
Sai wanted to tell something to Naruto, that Sakura had lied about her feelings to Naruto. Actually, the goal is to keep Naruto Sakura from Sasuke. Because Sasuke is now a criminal who wants to destroy Konoha. Hearing the words of Sai, Naruto was surprised. He did not think that Sasuke wants to destroy Konoha. Sai Naruto asked, why Sakura did not mention this to him. Sai replied, Sakura did not want to hurt feelings Naruto, because he knows that Sasuke is the most important friend Naruto.
But after hearing the answer to Naruto, that Naruto wants to save Sasuke, Sakura thought to be the worst thing to do. Kill Sasuke with his own hands!. Killing someone who once loved to protect Konoha. After hearing this, Naruto really did not know what to do. Friendship between the seven team members are now destroyed.
In the middle of the talks, along with Gaara Temari Kankurou and Naruto meet. He told all that happened in the meeting. He told about Danzo who violate the rules meeting and Sasuke who attacked the place. About Sasuke, Gaara tells Naruto that Sasuke is not the same as before, he had become someone who is in darkness. Naruto Gaara asked if he remembered about his ideals become Hokage. If you still remember then do something that should be done as a friend Sasuke. Meanwhile, Fu and Danzo with Torune the way back to Konoha, intercepted by Madara. Danzo guards were directly attacking Madara, but they attack no one is about. Danzo had issued a secret weapon behind the closed right hand robes. Whether these weapons?, Whether this will be a battle between Danzo and Madara? See you in the next article
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Free Download Mozilla Firefox Portable and Opera Turbo Portable

| Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009

Now you can enjoy surfing with two powerful browser, Firefox and Opera. Those browser credibility is very satisfied. File management and that load speed is one of the best they can do. Many plugins and extensions is supported by them. Mozilla Firefox is the one of best browser in the world after Internet Explorer. Its use has spread to many countries and is also used by Linux as the main browser. Mozilla Firefox is also supported by various high-quality plugins. Mozilla Firefox is also supported by various high-quality plugins. Plugin for Internet speed, SEO optimization, download accelerator, and many more. For now Opera is supported by new technology called "Turbo". This browser makes relatively faster than the similar browser and only takes less time to load. With all these advantages, it is worth both widely used by surfers to explore the virtual world of all sites and perform various activities related to the Internet. This is portable edition. You can use it in everywhere without install and many plugins you can carry include it. So, what are you waiting for? Just enjoy your surf!!. Keep Spirit!!
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One Hundred Days to Final Examination 2010

Ujian Nasional 2010
Final Examination or National Examination or we call it “Ujian Nasional” in Indonesian less three months. Any preparation do by student, student of High School and Junior High School. Precisely, 22nd of March 2010 for High School and for Junior High School is one week after it. Initially, the final examination will be spreaded out at 15th of March 2010. Because any problem and condition, it adjourned one week. The event of Final Examination actually deprecated by any student and parents. Their opinion are the final examination only make a fear effect to student. They study during three years at school, only determined in a week event of final examination. So, if you can not pass that week, your struggle during three years be in vain ( I hope that will never happen for us) . Therefore, very risky for student who can not follow the test. But there always two side of opinion. Any of them pro with national examination. They are agree with national examinaton event, say that standardization is important for this country education parameter. How it will be, if there not size or standardization in education, so we shall not know how big Indonesian student ability. Because of that, many controversy always debated approach final examination. The update is, The Supreme Court of Indonesia or “Mahkamah Agung” averses national examination submission by Education Department of Indonesia or “Departemen Pendidikan”. Although so, The Minister of Education or “Menteri Pendidikan” alongs with the staff in Education Departement, still will be spread out the national examination. Their opinion is if National Examination inexistence will breaks government regulation that appointed previous. Estimation for National Examination 2010 even also approved by Parlement, so that not possible to doesn't spread out national test. The conclusion is the final examination still will be spread out although they are that averse and want to cancel it. That is impossible too for us to decline that because the final examination less more one hundred days, a short time, isn’t it?. Always study, struggle to one focus, pass the final examination, that is it!. So, keep spirit and keep study!!.
NB: If you want to know the lattice of final examination 2010 or “Kisi-Kisi Ujian Nasional 2010”, click here. Or you want to know the regulation of minister education or “Permendiknasclick here.

Drawing Results of World Cup 2010

Drawing Results of World Cup 2010
World cup drawing result 2010 has been announced. FIFA (Federation International Football Association) has selected which team will occupy the eight groups in the World Cup 2010. Thirty two best teams from entire worlds will compete to will be world champion. This is the the drawing results:

Group A                              Group E
South Africa                         Netherland
Mexico                                 Japan
Uruguay                               Denmark
France                                 Cameroon

Group B                              GroupF
Argentina                              Italy
Nigeria                                 Slovakia
South Korea                        Paraguay
Greece                                 New Zealand

Group C                             Group G
England                               Brazil
USA                                   North Korea
Algier                                  Ivory Coast
Slovenia                              Portugal

Group D                            Group H
Germany                            Spain
Australia                            Switzerland
Serbia                                Honduras
Ghana                                Chili

The power of each group is balance I think. There is not the hell group or heaven group. But with this drawing results, the favourite team like England, Spain, and Germany would certainly pass easily from the group phase. Maybe a little heavy is that Brazil is in Group G along with Portugal, Ivory Coast, and North Korea. Meanwhile, a group of other favourite teams relatively easy. Any later, the results of the match will be decided on a green field. Which team will make a surprise at the World Cup 2010?, See you next in summer!. Keep spirit and keep football!

Direktori-Iklan, Site of Advertisement Service

| Kamis, 03 Desember 2009
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