Drawing Results of World Cup 2010

| Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009
Drawing Results of World Cup 2010
World cup drawing result 2010 has been announced. FIFA (Federation International Football Association) has selected which team will occupy the eight groups in the World Cup 2010. Thirty two best teams from entire worlds will compete to will be world champion. This is the the drawing results:

Group A                              Group E
South Africa                         Netherland
Mexico                                 Japan
Uruguay                               Denmark
France                                 Cameroon

Group B                              GroupF
Argentina                              Italy
Nigeria                                 Slovakia
South Korea                        Paraguay
Greece                                 New Zealand

Group C                             Group G
England                               Brazil
USA                                   North Korea
Algier                                  Ivory Coast
Slovenia                              Portugal

Group D                            Group H
Germany                            Spain
Australia                            Switzerland
Serbia                                Honduras
Ghana                                Chili

The power of each group is balance I think. There is not the hell group or heaven group. But with this drawing results, the favourite team like England, Spain, and Germany would certainly pass easily from the group phase. Maybe a little heavy is that Brazil is in Group G along with Portugal, Ivory Coast, and North Korea. Meanwhile, a group of other favourite teams relatively easy. Any later, the results of the match will be decided on a green field. Which team will make a surprise at the World Cup 2010?, See you next in summer!. Keep spirit and keep football!

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