Naruto Chapter 473: Brother

| Senin, 30 November 2009

Kisame got Bee in weak condition. He want to cut Bee’s leg with Bee’s sword after Samehada live him. In that situation, surprisingly Bee still can throw his pencil with lightning technique to Kisame. But Kisame can avoid that surprise attack, meanwhile Sabu-Chan try as fast he can for helping Bee.
When Kisame swing the sword, suddenly someone throwing shuriken and break that sword. That is Raikage and his bodyguard. They can find Bee with sensing chakra in the giant mass water technique who was used by Kisame. Samehada fastly back to Bee and give him chakra. See his sword give him chakra to the enemy and surrounded by Kumogakure ninjas, Kisame want to use his technique. But dynamic duo of Kumogakure brother (Raikage and Killerbee) more faster than him. They cut off Kisame’s neck and Kisame is definitely defeated.
Meanwhile, The Samurai still searching the two left of Sasuke’s team, Suigetsu and Jugo. But they still not find both. Suddenly, someone of Iron Land man say Suigetsu and Jugo still alive. He order the two of Samurai take off their armor. They take off their armor and Suigetsu and Jugo there it is. In the otherside, Mizukage succeed to helping Ao. Ao was trapped by mind body switch technique. Mizukage want to break the seal and undo the rope. But the original of Ao is still in the scare crow puppet. Mizukage realize it first, she realize from Ao behaviour. The Ao behaviour is only himself can break the seal not others and Ao certain angry to Chojuro if Chojuro say something, so the original of Ao is not in Ao’s body. The Danzo’s man to after the byakugan has failed, he back to his body and Ao back to his body too.

Meanwhile, in Naruto side, the clone of Sai approaching Naruto. He want to tell the truth that Sakura couldn’t tell to Naruto. What is the truth want to tell by Sai? Be patient and wait the next chapter soon!.
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