Naruto Chapter 472: A Deadly Battle In An Underwater Prison

| Sabtu, 28 November 2009
Naruto Chapter 472: A Deadly Battle In An Underwater Prison
The Battle between Killerbee and Kisame still go on. Kisame use a water technique in massiv size to defeat Bee. Kisame chase him, but Bee escape to another area to free from massiv water. He bring Ponta and Sabu-Chan with him. Surprisingly, the water in that area is moving too. So, wheresover Kisame go, the water will follow him. Bee decide to leave Ponta and Sabu-Chan in another area so Kisame will chase him.
But Kisame realize it. He want attack Ponta and Sabu, but Bee want to block him. Finally, Kisame can capture Bee, but Bee with his tentacle technique capture back Kisame. Kisame with chakra’s absorbing technique try to absorb Bee’s chakra and make hardly breath for Bee.
With no good side, Bee try to escape from that water area. He use ink technique for blacking the water. But Kisame can sense his chakra in that water because he has fusion with Samehada. Kisame called his technique with name “Water Prison Shark Dance Technique” . Killerbee fail to escape and Kisame get him in water.
After get Bee and no longer use his water fusion technique with Samehada, Kisame want to cut Bee’s leg so Hachibi cannot show that form again. When Kisame swing his sword, the strange something that happens. Samehada refuse to attack Bee and have willing self. It remove from Kisame’s hand and choose to help Bee. Samehada loves Hachibi chakra so it don’t want serve Kisame again. Because of it, Kisame kick it out from that area. Bee almost recover, but Kisame will not free him. With Bee’s sword, he try to cut Bee’s leg again.
Does this end of Bee’s action?, See the Naruto Chapter 473 soon!
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