Naruto Chapter 471: Tailed Beast Version 2

| Selasa, 17 November 2009
Naruto Chapter 471: Tailed Beast Version 2
Knowing the Samehada’s power to absorb chakra, Bee want to fight again with more power. He attack Kisame with direct but Samehada absorb his chakra again. With that attack, Bee get the one of Samehada’s weakeness. It only absorb until six tails chakra of Juubi. Bee want to initiate to fight again with different form power.
In the otherside, Mizukage and his bodyguard want to find Ao the Mizukage’s bodyguard who chasing Danzo. Meanwhile, Ao have trapped in puppet trap technique. His spirit changed by that technique, so his spirit sealed in the puppet while his body used by his opponent, Danzo’s man. Actually, the Ao’s byakugan cannot be out from his body. The Danzo’s man want to kill Ao with suicide by blade. And then he back to his body, and Ao will be death because he back to his body.
Back to the battle, Bee make himself like Juubi in the human form, just like Naruto in six tails mode. With his great power, he attack Kisame very hardly. Samehada cannot absorb that power and Kisame is hurled. Kisame get the serious wound, but with his sword, he absorb chakra from Samehada and get back his stamina and heal. See Kisame’s technique, Enka suggest Bee to get Samehada and finish Kisame. Kisame ready to battle and use the flood water technique. Kisame looks like want to changing his form to shark. And his already changing his form to shark, fusion with Samehada. With that condition, is very hard for Bee to get Samehada from Kisame after he fusion with it.
Can Bee defeat Kisame after changing to Shark form?. See you with next chapter!!.
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