Naruto Chapter 470: Killerbee vs Kisame

| Jumat, 13 November 2009

Because of Sakura’s Confession, Naruto is enraged. Naruto think Sakura lies to themselves about her feel to Sasuke. Why Sakura take a distance for say that?. But Sakura dispute it. Sakura wants Naruto to forget his promise for bring Sasuke back. Naruto said he want to help Sasuke, because along this time Sasuke is in the wrong way. Naruto almost tell the truth of Itachi but Kakashi prevent him. Finally Sakura with Kiba, Lee, and Sai leave Naruto. Sakura want to find Sasuke.The Kages move on. Move to build a military force. In this way, Tsuchikage find the kind of his heart. He don’t want to kill the Hachibi and Kyuubi, but prefer to save the village from Madara’s attack.
Back to the battle of Killerbee vs Kisame. Kisame with Samehada make a hurt to Ponta. Because of it, Enka move to attack Kisame. Killerbee help him with surprise attack of Raiton Vibration. At time of Killerbee succed to hold Kisame will attack him with his head, Kisame absorbing his chakra with Samehada, so Bee’s power cannot destroy him. With that condition, Bee stay away and make a distance. Finally, Samehada show its real form, like a shark with sharp scales.
Can Bee defeate Kisame?, or Kisame will capture Bee?. Don’t go anywhere, just wait the next chapter!
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andtheree mengatakan...


sek seneng naruto ae Mas..?

Bang Del mengatakan...

Naruto is on of the best comics teenage ever they should read, unfortunately I'm not one of them. Keep posting Mr. Anto Doank

Anonim mengatakan...

yo'i, ceritane kan durung mari, diikuti terus ae,,
@Bang Del,,
Thanks for your comment, i'm the one who like Naruto story since Junior High School, Keep Spirit Bang!!

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