Naruto Chapter 468: Hachibi and Kyuubi

| Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2009
Naruto Chapter 468: Hachibi and Kyuubi
Madara have make a decision. He will war the four village to get the last pieces of beast, Hachibi and Kyubi. The Kages form an alliance to force him. Because Danzo, Konoha almost the lost one of it. But Kazekage make sure The Kages, he will give information of this summit to the trust one of Konoha, Hatake Kakashi. Tsuchikage opinion is very effective if the alliance for fight Madara’s seven bijuu with Hachibi and Kyuubi. But Kazekage opinion is very unwishes if use Jinchuuriki in strategic war, because unpredicted of their habit in the battle. The Mizukage’s bodyguard speak up to Raikage. He suggest The Kages capture the remaining member of Akatsuki, Kisame Hoshigaki. Because that man has a lot of chakra equals Juubi and his sword Samehada is the most terrible of seven sword of Kirigakure. Tsuchikage decline that opinion, because it’s a huge unknown power. Force Madara with unknown power is unthinkable decision. But The leader of the land of iron make sure Tsuchikage, he will help the alliance to force Madara. In the other side, The Kakashi’s team is ready to back to the village. Suddenly, Naruto surprises with Sakura’s come. She after Naruto to meet him. Meanwhile, the jinchuuriki one, Killerbee go after Enka, the artist of the ninjas world. Suddenly, Kisame get in his way. Kisame track down Killerbee with his Samehada. It will be a great battle of that place between Killerbee and Kisame. It’s nice to tell you the story. After this, the continues story taking a break. So, be patient guys!!!.
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