Naruto Chapter 465: Attack On The Summit

| Senin, 28 September 2009

Back to Naruto Chapter 464. Susanoo protected Sasuke from every attack. At the moment, Sasuke break the pillars to destruct that place. Kazekage and Raikage protect himself and their bodyguard from the pieces of roof. Actually, Sasuke take to escape from that place. He still want to find Danzo. With Karin, Sasuke start to looking for Danzo. In the summit place, Danzo still watched by bodyguard of Mizukage. Suddenly, Sasuke come from the top. Directly, The Moderator attack Sasuke with sword. Swiftly, Sasuke blocked attack with his sword. Danzo take that opportunity to escape. The bodyguard of Mizukage try to chase him. Sasuke even also going to chase Danzo, but Mizukage get in the Sasuke’s way. Sasuke warn Mizukage for not get in his way. Of course Mizukage will not let him go after Akatsuki’s violated to Kirigakure. At that condition, Sasuke must fighting the five kages. What will Sasuke do?, Can he capture Danzo and get his revenge?. See you at Naruto Chapter 466

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