Naruto Chapter 466: Battle Behind Closed Doors

| Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009

Now Sasuke must be face to face with Kirigakure. Mizukage use his sealing technique again. Sasuke protect himself with his Mangekyou shield. But the Mizukage’s bodyguard smashing him to the back at the wall.It is the first time Sasuke realize, he can not perfected yet. His Mangekyou give him much more pain than before. Mizukage facing Sasuke one on one. Sasuke is trapped in sealing of Mizukage. At that place, Mizukage can do everything with her seal technique. Mizukage make the Mangekyou shield is melted. Once again, Sasuke use Susanoo. It make Sasuke’s chakra more growing weaker, and then his skin is burned by acid of Mizukage technique. See her technique works, Mizukage want to finish Sasuke.
Suddenly, Zetsu use his hiding technique since a while ago to trapped The Kages. Mizukage and Tsuchikage trapped in that technique. Zetsu absorbing the chakra of peoples in the room, and then he give chakra to Sasuke for replenish. With his chakra back, Sasuke break the wall to out of the trap.
Tsuchikage and his bodyguard try to out of Zetsu’s technique and succed. Tsuchikage join the battle and want to attack Sasuke. With his special technique, Tsuchikage smash Sasuke with the strong thing. Karin can not sense of Sasuke’s chakra, she think he have died. Raikage and Kazekage coming and then ask about Sasuke. Tsuchikage say to Raikage that he succed to defeat Sasuke. Suddenly, Madara Uchiha appearing. He want to tell with The Kages about something. While bring Sasuke’s body, he talking to The Kages about The Moon’s Eye plan.
What will happen next?, what about Sasuke’s condition and what is The Moon’s Eye plan?. See you again at Naruto Chapter 467.
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