Naruto Chapter 464: The Power of Darkness

| Jumat, 25 September 2009
Naruto Chapter 464: The Power of Darkness
Back to Naruto Chapter 463. The update of Naruto story is here. Sasuke has fallen on the ground and will be killed by Raikage with Guillotine Drop technique. Sasuke even also defend himself again with black flames. At the moment Raikage will facing up with black flames, Gaara The Kazekage get in the way of Raikage attack.
Raikage ask to Gaara why he did it. Gaara answer is, he don’t want Raikage destroy himself by black flames which will give him more trouble than before. Raikage even also cut his arm which burned by black flames, and he order Shi, his bodyguard to cure him. Gaara want to talk to Sasuke. He want realize Sasuke from the darkness, because Gaara was realized from the world of hatred too. Sasuke don’t want to back, his decision is to live in the darkness.
Because of Sasuke’s answer, Gaara try to realizing Sasuke represively. Meanwhile, Karin has found where Danzo is with his chakra’s sensor technique. Danzo and his bodyguard know it, but Mizukage’s bodyguard who keep them is know too. He cannot accept if Danzo leave that summit easily. In the otherside, the battle of Gaara between Sasuke has began.
Darui, the Raikage’s bodyguard want to help Gaara. Sunagakure and Darui even also attack Sasuke at the same time. And the true darkness is appearing. Sasuke use the third technique of Mangekyou Sharingan, Susano’o. The strength defense of those who control of Mangekyou eyes. With this power of darkness, Sasuke will start the battle. What will happen with those who fight Sasuke?, Can they defeat Sasuke with Susano’o?, or they will be defeated by Sasuke?. The battle of them will you know at the next chapter. Don’t miss it!. Next on Naruto Chapter 465!.

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