Naruto Chapter 463: Sasuke vs Raikage

| Sabtu, 12 September 2009
Naruto Chapter 463: Sasuke vs Raikage
Back to Naruto Chapter 462. Battle stills continue between Raikage and Sasuke. Sasuke direct facing one on one with Raikage. With chidori and his sharingan , he try to fight Raikage. But with lightning shield that has Raikage, Sasuke's chidori attack becoming not mean. Swiftly, Raikage catch sasuke then throw him hardly to the ground. But with shield protection from mangekyou sharingan, Sasuke success to hold back. For win this battle, finally Sasuke use his mangekyou sharingan with amaterasu. Meanwhile, Naruto that is facing Madara Uchiha is not accepting when Sasuke being used as a means of contention for opposing him. But madara underestimate naruto, will he can stop Sasuke. Because Madara will use sasuke to make people acknowledge the uchiha clan. Madara even also end conversation and as usual, he always can disappear easily.
Back to the battle, Sasuke use amaterasu and assault Raikage. But with the speed, Raikage success avoid from black fire. From beginning, Raikage plan to hold back his chakra and use it at right time, that is to assault to counter attack Sasuke at moment he use mangekyou sharingan. Raikage even also assault to return Sasuke with physical attack, but sasuke use black fire as the patron. Unbelievably, Raikage assault Sasuke's black fire defense and drop it to the ground. Doesn't care although his arm burn of black fire, Raikage even also will finish Sasuke with last attack. Does this end of Sasuke?, will Raikage finish and kill Sasuke?.
The answer there’s on Naruto Chapter 464. See you next again.

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vikhi mengatakan...

iya bang... raikagenya menggila...
powernya sama ama tail beast...

sasuke belum siap bener tuh mangekyonya... pas dipake masih ngeluarin darah... fiuh... tambah seru ae... :D

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