Naruto Chapter 467: Declaration Of War

| Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009
Naruto Chapter 467: Declaration Of War
Sai, Sakura, Kiba, and Rock Lee move on to tracking Naruto. Sakura want to talk to Naruto. In the otherside, Naruto alone thinking Sasuke. He still unbelieve if Sasuke to be an avenger.
Meanwhile in the summit place. Madara’s come surprising The Kages. Fastly, Raikage try to attack, but it repelled. Madara use his unique technique, he absorb Sasuke’s body into his eyes!. He absorbs Karin too into a dimension from his eyes for heal Sasuke. Then, he tell The Kages about his plan, moon’s eye plan.
He want make all country in one united, become complete with himself. He tell about Rikudo Sage, The former of the ninjas world. He tell about the powerful beast than ever, The Ten Tailed Beast, Jubi. Jubi is union all of nine beast. Rikudo Sage save the world and capture the beast. He become a host of the ten-tailed beast and have the powerful strong technique than ever. With the power from beast, Rikudo Sage to be a leader of the ninjas world.
Madara’s plan is make all country become one under his control if he has that powerful technique. The strongest technique of illusion. He will make the moon same as with his eye. With moon, he will take to control the world. Madara give a choice for The Kages. Give Madara the last beast, Hachibi and Kyubi or if not, Madara will declare war to all country. The Kages can not accept that and never let Madara have the last beast. The Kages already make a decision, the war between Akatsuki and Ninja world is beginning.
What will happen next?, stay with me and keep follow the next chapter!.
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