Naruto Chapter 462: Sasuke’s Dogma

| Sabtu, 05 September 2009
Back to the battle of Kumogakure vs Hawk. The battle more violenter with Jugo’s power in there. Raikage who watching the Jugo’s change, directly attack him. Meanwhile, the battle is start between Suigetsu and the bodyguards. Jugo can not hold the Raikage’s attack. Sasuke’s sharingan even also can not match with Raikage. With the wounded body, Jugo still alive and counter attack to Raikage with blast power.
After that, Shi the bodyguard one has fallen by mangekyou sharingan. Jugo who glad think he has killed Raikage, surprised with Raikage’s fast counter attack from beside him.
In the otherside, Tobi was told Naruto a story. Story about the truth of Itachi Uchiha and the filled hatred of Sasuke.
Angrily, Naruto asking Tobi why Sasuke hate Konoha. Tobi just took a gamble and Sasuke choose his revenge way. He tell about the hostility is started since long ago from the founding father of ninja, Rikudo Sage, the Sage of the Six Paths. He has two boys, the elder has powerful chakra and spiritual energy in his eyes, and the younger has life force of Sage body and physical energy inside him. The Sage choose his younger boy to be his successor.
The elder can not accept his father decision. The elder boy hate his young brother and since that time, the eternal curse has beginning. Along time from that, the generation of the elder boy of Rikudo Sage to be Uchiha Clan. And the younger boy of Rikudo Sage to be Senju Clan. Senju and Uchiha always war. Include Madara Uchiha hate Hashirama Senju as first Hokage. Sasuke and Naruto has choosen by fate, fate of hatred and fire.
Sasuke choose his way for hatred and revenge. That is Sasuke’s Dogma forever. Meanwhile Sasuke try to battle again with Raikage. Which thunder stronger, Raikage or Sasuke?. Naruto Chapter 463 will give an answer!!

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