Naruto Chapter 461: Kumogakure vs Hawk

| Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2009
See again in the battle of Sasuke and Raikage. After facing with Raikage, directly Sasuke want to attack him alone. Darui, the bodyguard one with Suiton technique try to protect his boss. Sasuke use the lightning based technique to defense. Before meet Sasuke, the bodyguards have list of Sasuke’s profile and technique from their Intel.
Shi, the bodyguard one use the light technique to blind the enemy. Actually, that technique is illusion. Sasuke realize that, and keep avoid. Raikage and Darui are too fast, they will attack Sasuke physically. But Jugo and Suigetsu protect Sasuke directly. Because of that, Suigetsu’s sword has broken by Raikage. The Hawk is saved by water element technique of Suigetsu. Meanwhile, Jugo will transforming to the cursed seal power.
In the otherside, the meeting of kages is rest for a while. Danzo no longer use their sharingan. They are talking what was Danzo’s do with the meeting. Danzo start tell his ambition to merge the ninja world become one world. Gaara can not accept that excuse, because of that immoral methods of Danzo.
Tsuchikage invite Gaara to fight argument again with him. But Gaara with calmly reply that invite with simple answer. After that talking, The Kages start to what will they do after Sasuke disturb the meeting. Back to battle, Jugo completely change to the cursed seal power. In that mode, Jugo will do anything to fight, to kill everyone, whatever his friend or not.
What next surprise will Jugo do in that battle?, Can The Hawk will win?, See you again in Naruto Chapter 462.

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febriminato mengatakan...

lebih kuat naruto lah kan kekuatan alam g bisa habis kalo mangekyou nanti sasuke bisa buta

antonius mengatakan...

hah betull,,,,

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