Naruto 459: Sakura's Decision

| Jumat, 14 Agustus 2009
Naruto Chapter 459
The meeting still go on. Raikage don’t accept if Danzo will lead the alliance. Raikage still consider Danzo is untrusted people. But Mifune still choose Hokage to lead the alliance because the last tailed beast at Konoha. Raikage himself is too emotional people. Kazekage is too young, Tsuchikage is too old. Mizukage is too risk to lead the alliance because Akatsuki have controlled the last Mizukage and Kirigakure is the seat of Akatsuki. Meanwhile, Mizukage’s bodyguard feel something doesn’t right in that meeting.
In the otherside, Ino is crying because Sasuke is the most wanted ninja. Kiba want Ino to stop crying, because situation it’s not same like before. Shikamaru go to talk to Sakura and Naruto. If Ino like that, Sakura and Naruto must be feel same think. Sai still talk to Sakura about Sasuke. About Sasuke is causes of Naruto’s suffer. Shikamaru has the same opinion with Sai. He will stop Akatsuki and Sasuke for peacefullness in Konoha.
Sasuke will be causes of war between Konoha and Kumo. For that reason, Shikamaru need permission of Sakura and Naruto to take care Sasuke. Meanwhile in the land of iron, Naruto thinking of Sasuke. Finally, Naruto think he can’t understand Sasuke anymore.
In the otherside, Sasuke and his team still want to disturb the kages meeting. Akatsuki is backing up of them.
Sakura want to talk to Naruto about Sasuke. She realize something with Shikamaru’s story. Meanwhile, the Mizukage’s bodyguard has found the bad something. Danzo use the chakra and sharingan of Uchiha. Danzo has the Shisui’s technique to controlling someone. He conclusion like that because he has the byakugan technique and have fought Shisui Uchiha once. Raikage is very angry with that. He thinks Danzo has controlling Mifune’s mind to talk like that before. Suddenly, Zetsu infiltrate and disturb the meeting. He tell about Sasuke’s existence in that meeting. Sasuke will destruction the meeting’s place and get revenge.
It’s very violent to follow the story. Let’s read Chapter 460 soon!!.

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