Naruto Chapter 458: The Five Kage's Argument

| Rabu, 05 Agustus 2009
The Meeting of Five Kages has began. Gaara The Kazekage start first. He speak his statement about Akatsuki. He think Akatsuki is very extremely dangerous. He said it’s too late for aid because many hosts captured by Akatsuki. In this conversation, Tsuchikage was attacked Gaara with his statement. But Gaara is calm down to state back. Danzo The Hokage speak his opinion about the controller of beast. Suddenly!, Raikage hit up the table.
Directly, the kage’s bodyguard protect their kages. The Moderator calm down the situation, bodyguard stand back again. Raikage become angry because Akatsuki was formed by missing-nin of that four village. And he think there is the lier Kage beetwen them. There was someone corporate with Akatsuki to destroy another village.
In that tense situation, Danzo tell the Kages who is the leader of Akatsuki. The leader of Akatsuki is certainly Madara Uchiha. It’s very surprised for Kages. Because they think Madara Uchiha was dead long time ago. But he still alive and lead Akatsuki. Then, The Moderator as the leader of neutral country will state his conclusion of this meeting.
Meanwhile, Sai talk to Sakura about Naruto’s condition. He tell realize the condition of Naruto isn’t fine. Actually, Naruto is suffering. Naruto suffer because he can’t keep promise was made by him. Same as with Naruto’s link with Sasuke. Sai think Sasuke is the causes of Naruto’s pain. He think Sakura that causes too. Because Naruto loves Sakura so much. Sakura isn’t knowing about Naruto’s feel to her. She is crying because Naruto still keep his promise until now.
Than, The Moderator recommend formed of five-alliance village. He recommend that the Hokage is the suitable leader for this job. Other Kages is very surprised.
What will happen with that meeting?. Will the meeting become a battlefield?. What will Sakura do after she knows Naruto’s feel to her?. See you soon on Naruto Chapter 459

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