Naruto Chapter 460: Sasuke Surrounded

| Minggu, 23 Agustus 2009

Here we are again in New Naruto Chapter 460. If you have not yet to read the story of Naruto Chapter 459, read here!.
Zetsu as intruder have succesfull to disturb the meeting. He invite the Kages to find out Sasuke. Before Zetsu escape and dissapear, Raikage get him. He captured Zetsu at the time. He want to ask where Sasuke is. Zetsu give Raikage hint and directly Raikage break the wall of meeting place and start search with his bodyguard.
Meanwhile, Naruto guest arrival uninvited, Madara Uchiha!. Suddenly Madara have in the Naruto’s room. Naruto defend himself quickly, but Tobi or Madara always can avoid him. Directly Yamato and Kakashi can capture Tobi with fast. Then Tobi tell his arrival in that place. Tobi want to ask Naruto why Nagato betray him, but Naruto ask back to Tobi about Sasuke. Tobi start his tell to Naruto about the man eaten up the ninja’s world hatred and bitterness.
In the otherside, The Samurai guardian have find out Sasuke and his team. There’s too many guardians at that place. But Sasuke self that face them. The Samurai can control chakra on their sword, but their attack to Sasuke is deflected. Karin can see the Sasuke’s chakra. There is something fear and more stronger chakra.
Sasuke defeated many guardians there. In the otherside, Raikage and his bodyguard still search Sasuke’s existence. Finally, they find out Sasuke. Sasuke and Raikage is face to face now. Raikage want to revenge on Sasuke. What battle will happen??. The battle with high tension will be next on Naruto Chapter 461. Don’t miss it!!.

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