Tutorial: Make a Simple Chicklette with GIMP Software

| Rabu, 05 Agustus 2009

Chicklette is the image inside link, actually a button. Usually, bloggers or advertisers use chicklette to interact with other people for backlink. Make chicklette is very easy. At this time we will use a software design, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to make a chicklette. GIMP is an open source software. It’s free to use and developed by yourself. If you don’t have, you can download GIMP at google search in here. Okay let’s make one chicklette for you!!.

First step, your work will effective if you use two box, toolbox and work area. At toolbox, click “Tab Configure” button(notes: you will know tools in GIMP if you sort your pointer to button object), add tab with name layers and undo history so that make your work easier.

Second step, click “File-New” at work area, choose your button size for example 80 x 60. The object you have been made is include layer with name background, check at toolbox. If you want add layer for effect, just right click at current layer and choose new layer, for example effect 1.

Third step, we will work with new layer. Give a color in your chicklette, right click at work area and choose “Edit-Fill with FG colour”, or other way what do you like. If you want blend effect, blend it with blend tool at toolbox. The blend color is formed by foreground and background. So if you want to change your blend color, just change your foreground color and background color.

Fourth step, add text in your chicklette with text tool at toolbox. The properties of text tool is in the “Tool Options Dialogue” button (notes: Tool Options Dialogue same as with properties of tool at toolbox). In tool options dialogue, you can change font what do you want, font size, font color, etc.

Five step, after you finish all step above, you can save your work result, click “File-Save or Save As”. In dialogue box, you can save your file in current folder or you can change destination folder with “Browse for Other Folders” properties. You also can change your extension file. The default save is “XCF” extension (extension from GIMP). Select your extension what do you want with “Select File Type (By Extension)” properties. There are many option in there.

Backlink is the one way for make your blog popularity is increased. Chicklette barter is the one of it way. After you have a chicklette, you can upload your chicklette at image file sharing like Photobucket or Flickr. Then, the next step is upload and publish your chicklette in your site or blog. I’ll give you the way of it in the next tutorial. See you soon!!.

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